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We are your trusted licensed money lender in Singapore. Our company is an accredited financial institution that offers professional money lending services in Singapore. Whether for people at home or non-natives, loans from us are available to both residents of Singapore as well as foreigners in possession of valid Singapore employment permits. Read more.

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Payday Loans

Also known as cash advances, payday loans are short-term cash advances usually given to financial institutions to cater for abrupt financial needs. The loans are payable at the next payday. View more.

Foreigner Loans

Unlike people who call Singapore their home, foreign dwellers may occasionally meet unforeseen expenses while living or working within the cities of Singapore. The foreigner loan comes in handy in such circumstances. View more.

Personal Loans

Personal loans are popular with people who have a stable, reliable income, especially permanent employees of different government agencies. They are used to help solve both planned and unplanned needs. View more.

Business Loans

These loans are business oriented credit facilities offered to business owners who trade within Singapore. View more.

Home renovation Loans

These loans are suitable for people who wish have a decent home, yet have no adequate finances for renovation.

Emergency Loans

These loans are specially meant to help the beneficiaries solve their short term financial emergencies amicably.

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Priority to Customers

The company understands and adapts to the unique needs of the clients. The clients come first in the company’s operations and services. Products and services are designed in consideration to the sensitive needs of the customers and adjustments made where necessary.

Work Integrity

The operations of the company are guided by strict professional codes of ethics and standards of practice. Professionalism and efficiency are never overlooked, as the aim is to create an atmosphere of trust between the company and the clients.

Whether it is a home renovation, business or any other financially oriented need, Credit Matters Pte Ltd offers professional financial solutions. All that the client is required to do is to fill out the online loan application form and wait for a prompt response within minutes of the application.

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  • It was during that time when I needed more funding for my business and I contacted this company for a business loan. Fortunately, after I submitted all the required documents, the loan was released in a matter of hours!

    Farjuh Sihk
    creative director
  • I was really hesitant to get a loan during my stay in Singapore because, well, I’m a foreigner. But then this company took care of all the things I need and I got my loan fast. Great company!

    Kalkina Raj
    web developer
  • Unbelievably one of the companies that are able to provide quick cash at the lowest interest rates.

    Stephanie Haw
    account manager


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